Small Craft Fleet Cruises

Small craft fleet cruises are a great way to sail in company,

enjoy a greater level of safety and have a great time doing

so with like minded sailors. Your cruise leader will sail on a

different boat each day and give daily briefings and chalk

talks on a wide range of small boat cruising skills.

PocketYacht Cruises are real sailing experiences in the sense

that all sailors participating are involved in daily decision making. Whether you anchor out or camp ashore evenings and mornings

are great opportunities to spend time talking boats!

SCAMP Camp 2016 

SCAMP Skills Weekend

If it's time to begin living your small boat dream then SCAMP Camp

2016 may be the best first step you can make. Hundreds of small boat

sailors have joined the SCAMP micro cruiser phenomenon.

ThePocketYacht (former Small Craft Skills Academy) is very pleased to continue the SCAMP Camp tradition. 


As the former Small Craft Skills Academy we have helped over 500 

small boat enthusiasts who sail, row, paddle and motor to go out on

the water more safely and more efficiently? Whether you decide to

join in a PocketYacht Skills Seminar or a PocketYacht Fleet Cruise

you can rest assured you will have the opportunity to have Howard

Rice or other noted small boat experts aboard with you. Our services

range from helping set up client boats to refining sailing skills and

teaching self rescue techniques. Read more in our Skills Seminars

and Fleet Cruise pages. 

Life's An Adventure Sail A Small Boat!

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Small Craft Skills Seminars

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