​​Life's An Adventure-Sail A Small Boat!


John Welsford- Designer/Sailor

Howard Rice Sailor/Instructor

There’s nothing quite like time spent aboard a small boat whether under sail or at anchor in a quiet cove. With your main sheet sweated in tight or your anchor light hoisted magic moments are at hand. ThePocketYacht owner and founder Howard Rice has a deep resume of small boat and large boat sailing experience both as a day sailor, racer, cruiser and voyager/explorer. John Welsford is a noted designer and a very capable sailor with a life time of sailing experiences under his belt. Both men love to work with sailors ranging from beginner to highly experienced and have helped hundreds of sailors to sail in greater safety and much more efficiently. 

Hundreds of sailors with skill levels ranging from absolute beginner to highly skilled have benefited from our skill programs.

Howard and John facilitate and instruct seminars allowing participants to share knowledge through an interactive experiential learning format based on participant presentations, open discussion and on water practice. This has proven to be an excellent way to enhance existing or add new skills.

Consider joining a SCAMP Camp build, a Long StepsCamp build, a Fleet Cruise, or a Sailing Skills Seminar. When you do you will have either Howard or John beside you in the cockpit, on the dock or in the classroom coaching and advising.