I enjoy building boats and am at times available for restoration work, custom small boat builds, development of small cruising boats, and one-on-one instruction. Boat building can get in a person's blood in a most fulkfilling way. The building process can be theraputic in an over stressed world, it is for sure creative and ever so satisfying. Building the boat of your choice can help provide a most interesting lifestyle based on building your dream and then getting out there and sailiing, rowing or paddling for curiousity sake, adventure or simple pleasure. I always enjoy the building process and most importsantly the people I am fortunate to work with.

This year In will be conducting SCAMP Camp and possibly a John Welsford design Long Steps build. I will announce with Long Steps build soon.

Let me know through the "Take Action" button if you would like to talk boats or discuss a build, renovation project, one-on-one instruction or if you would just like to talk boats.

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