Canadian North Channel 

Baie Fine to The Pool 

July 23rd-29th

​This year we are offering a very special cruise from Little Current in the Canadian North Channel to the Pool at the east end of Baie Fine in Killarney Provincial Park. This area is arguably one of the finest cruising grounds in the world and perfect for the small boat sailor. The waters are pristine, the weather steady and the islands stunning. Anchorages abound and onshore wilderness camping is possible in many locations.

This years cruise will set sail from Little Current and travel to and through Baie Fine.  Just 12 nautical miles east of Little Current.

Baie Fine is a must see stop along the way to Killarney. 

Often referred to as North Americas only true fjord, Baie Fine is a long narrow bay, flanked by the white quartzite mountains of the La Cloche range on either side.  At the end of the bay is a narrow entrance into the Pool, a beautiful place to anchor for the night and spend some time exploring.

We have many choices for adventure such as hiking the trails to Artists Lake or Topaz Lake, both within Killarney Provincial Park.

During the cruise you will have the opportunity to explore, relax and have Howard Rice sail aboard your boat with you giving tips, advice and good conversation.

Sign up soon as room on this incredible cruise is limited to eight boats.

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​​Life's An Adventure-Sail A Small Boat!

Often referred to as Americas "Emerald Isles" the Beaver Islands are simply very special places. Howard Rice began cruising and exploring the islands by small boat nearly forty years ago and knows them intimately.

Exploring The Beaver Islands

​June 24th-28th

The main island named Beaver Island is rich in amazing history centered around the story of the Mormon breakaway colony that established a home there in the 1800's. The town of Saint James is named after the sects leader James Jesse Strang who ruled the island as a king. Saint James is about as laid back as any human  could endure and its charms are many. Historic buildings and a gorgeous natural harbor make for a post card scene.

Our cruise will begin after boats and sailors are transported on the Beaver Island Ferry from Charlevoix, which by itself is a memorable experience as we cross Lake Michigan.

Photo credit- Kees Prins

We will set sail from Garden for a short crossing to Woman Island to visit an abandoned lighthouse before setting sail south to explore the chain of islands leading to High Island, which is one of the most gorgeous settings imaginable for small boat sailing and on foot exploring. If conditions are favorable we may sail west to Oak Island after exploring High. 

​From High Island we will cruise around the south end of Beaver and make our way back to Saint James or sail over the north shoulder of the island to Saint James.

On arrival in Saint James we will launch, rig up and set sail a short hop to Garden Island where we will anchor out and camp for the night. The next morning we will set sail (depending on conditions) to explore either Garden or nearby islands. Garden Island is uninhabited and is the location of a sacred native American burial ground complete with spirit houses. We will stop at Indian Garden Harbor and respectfully hike to see this fascinating place before camping for the night.

Canadian North Channel- Spanish to Little Current 

July 11th-17th

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The North Channel from Spanish to Little Current is a renowned world class small boat cruising ground. Upon departure from Spanish we will cruise through islands most a stones throw from each other. You will have the opportunity to visit the famous Benjamin's and many others as we make our way to Little Current.

​​Tom Pamperin photo- The Benjamins

Each days sail will not be long as distances are short and this offers ample time to do a bit of exploring.

​Tom Pamperin photo ​​

We will meet in Spanish and ferry a vehicle to Little Current for the transport of sailors at the trips endback to Spanish at trips end. 

​​Ben Ho photo

The islands we will visit each day is decided by the group. As in all fleet cruises everyone will have an opportunity to make decisions, brush up on navigation skills and improve sailing/cruising skills. 

​Tom Pamperin photo

Meals are typically prepared ashore and shared by the group. Those who have joined as crew (without their own boat) have an opportunity during any fleet cruise to sail on a different boat each day, which offers excellent opportunities to learn about other boats from their skippers.

​During the cruise you will have the opportunity to explore, relax and have Howard Rice sail aboard your boat with you giving tips, advice and good conversation.

Sign up soon as room on this incredible cruise is limited to eight boats.

Saint James as our final destination is an excellent place to day sail from and to spend a little time poking around the quaint town. The final day of the cruise we will once again cross Lake Michigan to Charlevoix for a farewell meal together. 

This cruise is an excellent and safe way to explore this little traveled islands. We hope you'll join us.