2019 Small Craft Fleet Cruises

*Dates and details to be announced*

Winter 2019
*Exploring The Suwannee River to cedar Key*

Exploring The Florida Keys

Summer 2019
*Michigan's Garden Peninsula*
*Mackinac Island to the Les Chenaux Islands*

*Canadian North Channel*

North Channel,Killarney to Killarney. Our primary cruising area will be to the east of Killarney in and around the Killarney Provincial Park. By any measure this area is considered one of the finest small boat cruising areas in North America given there are literally thousands of islands to explore. I think most small boat sailors would agree that the stretch of shoreline from Killarney Provincial Park to the historic French River is the best in Georgian Bay and certainly one of the best in the Great Lakes. The scenery is wonderful, with its islands of shield granite and windswept white pines. The area is an island-hoppers paradise with excellent camping. The northern shore of Georgian Bay has less road access and fewer cottages than the southern shores, and it's easy to find a quiet spot to call our own for a day. 

So just what is Fleet Cruising and why might it be a preferred way to see the North Channel?
Fleet cruising is a long standing small boat tradition with roots in the small craft fishing fleets that would set out from a morther ship or from land together. Fleets of small working sail discovered there was safety in numbers. In addition shared knowledge and work loads of moving boats on and off beaches, off loading and loading gear and other tasks were made easier when all hands pitched in. 

Is there a cruise leader?
Yes. Howard Rice will be the cruise leader. Howard has sailed the North Channel many times and knows what it takes and where some of the very best spots for anchoring, camping and exploring are located. By having an experienced small boat sailor like Howard leading the fleet you will be able to sail with a much higher margin of safety. Howard makes a point of sailing with each sailor on their boat and this is an opportunity to share knowledge. 

Do I have to bring a boat?
Sailors without a boat or who fly in and can't bring their boat can sign on as crew and sail each day on a different boat. Every year we have sailors who have an excellent experience sailing on many types of boats and enjoying great company doing so.

Cruise Logistics
Cruise logistics and gear list will be sent to you when you register.

Fee: $450

Deposit $200- The deposit is 100% refundable up to 30 days before the first day of the cruise.

If you would like to sign up please hit the "Take Action" button and lets go sailing!