Join a 2018 SCAMP Camp!

If you dream of sailing over the horizon in a tiny boat, or if a lazy sail up a calm river suits your tastes, then SCAMP may be your ideal small boat. Hundreds of sailors have figured out there is something special about this little pocket yacht, and we offer an exclusive opportunity to partially build one with instruction and fellow builders with willing hands.

SCAMP Camp is a group boat build that is both highly productive and just as important is a huge amount of fun. At the end of Camp you will have a highly accurate hull ready to finish and fit out. We build your boat together over a period of ten working days. 

Tuition $1800
Materials $800

Registration is open and enrollment is on a first come basis as we are limited to low enrollment based on shop sizes and our intention to keep a high instructor to builder ratio.

SCAMP CAMP- Eaton Rapids, MI
June 11th-22nd

Instructor- Howard Rice
Tuition $1800
Materials $800

Birdsmouth Mast and Spar Camp- Eaton Rapids, MI
June 24th-26th

Instructor- Howard Rice
Tuition $600
Materials $175

SCAMP CAMP- Port Townsend, WA
August 20th to 31st

Instructor- Howard Rice
Tuition $1800
Materials $800

Please select the Take Action button above to sign up or request more information. I am happy to call and discuss the build.

$250 refundable deposit is requested to reserve a space in one of the two 2018 SCAMP Camps.
Kits can be purchased from Small Craft Advisor Magazine and will be shipped to the build sites.


Team Work

SCAMP Camp is not a boat building class in the traditional sense of students in lecture with limited hands on. Instead we offer a slightly different and we believe more meaningful style of instruction. I call it "the full dive in" immersion in your build method. With a capable instructor at your side and the hands of friends at critical steps in the build of your new boat you will have the opportunity to team build learning as you produce your boat. This team, approach is not only highly efficient, but is also a lot of fun!



A very accurate boat

Jump in and live your vision of getting out on the water by building one of these very cool little pocket cruisers. As your personal instructor I am there to work side by side with you with the aim of producing a highly accurate hull in just ten working days. To date I can humbly boast that I have had more hands on SCAMP builds than anyone else I am aware of. Last count I have either custom built or instructed in the construction of seventy eight SCAMP's including one of my own. I have been involved in pushing the evolution of the design forward with innovative changes that have created safer and more comfortable boats.



Post SCAMP Camp

So you have decided to take the plunge and build a SCAMP, good for you! Be assured that as you complete your boat you will not only have me for continuing advice but you will also have access to the many tips and tricks developed by others. Visit the SCAMP Forum on the Small Craft Advisor web site and join the discussion or pick up the phone and give me a call.


When and Where
SCAMP Camps begin on Monday mornings at 8am and end ten working days later on Friday. Each day will begin at 8am and end at 5pm. Lunch is an hour at noon. Each day will be an opportunity for the group to engage in a small boat chalk talk with your instructor pertaining to topics the group suggests.

The Port Townsend Camp is held in Port Townsend, Washington. Port Townsend is an American gem of a town featuring unique shops, many restaurants and great sailing. Hotels and state park camping are available nearby.

The Eaton Rapids, Michigan Camp is held in a beautiful shop situated in a pastoral country setting. Lodging and camping are available on site. Meals can be enjoyed in local restaurants, or we can cook and eat together on site.

SCAMP Camp Tool List
Tape measure – Inches and Metric
Bevel (for determining angles)
Trim Router with a 1/4 round over bit (optional, if you have one)
Small Bubble Level
Japanese hand pull saw
Block plane
Chisel set
Cordless drill with Phillips head bit
Set of drill bits
20 or more- small C-clamps, F-clamps, Bar-clamps, Spring-clamps
Vibrating sander-  Model of your choice, random orbit is a good choice, 4”X4” is also handy.
Small Carpenter's Square or Speed Square
Counter-set bit set
Plane, Block or Jack
Ruler, Steel – small
Small wood rasp
Diagonal Wire cutter (Bull nose cutters best)
Box of 50 straight edge utility knife razor blades
Tyvek type paper suit and/or multiple pairs of old pants and old shirts (clothing you do not mind being ruined by epoxy)
Ear plugs or ear protectors
Mask (Dust) - NIOSH/MSHA approved or mask (Respirator) - Filter, organic fumes rated. 
Waterless Hand Cleaner
Plastic package tape/dispenser
Large box of rags or clean cotton rags
3 Plastic squeegee spreaders for epoxy work (these should be new)

Boat Trailers

You will need to bring a trailer for your new boat or you can contact Howard at 231-838-8472 and he can help you order one locally. In addition Gig Harbor Boat Works supplies excellent SCAMP trailers and these can be ordered by contacting the boat shop and asking for Dave or Falk. If you elect to order a trailer from the local dealer it will be available for pickup before the end of the Camp.