​​Life's An Adventure-Sail A Small Boat!


We are pleased to be introducing a line of expedition tested safety and comfort gear for small boats of all types. Availability for many items begins in May 2017. In  the interim SCAMP specific gear can be ordered through this web site.

We are pleased to announce the development and soon to be availability of custom small boat day sailing, cruising and safety gear. Howard Rice has been voyaging small boats for all of his adult life and in the process has developed some very unique gear. Howard has been working with a Great Lakes based custom fabricator in the development of prototypes for some of the items listed below. 

In May 2017 he introduced custom designed and built small boat gear including but not limited to:

Boat covers- Road covers

Boat tents


Gear bags

Re-entry slings 

Bouyancy systems

Small boat cruising clothing

Anchoring systems

Custom tillers

Waterproof mast collars

Rudder and rig bags

Mast bags

Small boat wood stoves

​Galley Systems

Introducing a Line of Expedition and Voyage Tested Small Boat Specific Cruising and Safety Gear