It all started when…

I discovered boats at the tender age of eleven. My name is Howard Rice and I will never forget sitting with my brothers and sister in front of a tiny black and white TV watching the evening news while wading through a tasteless TV dinner. Oh those were the days!

The news turned to an amazing story that instantly captivated me but no one else in the room. Robert Manry in a tiny boat named Tinkerbelle had arrived in England after a 78 day crossing of the Atlantic, I was hooked!

Since that day I have purposely developed a lifestyle around boats and exploration of the world in boats, small boats being my preference. What an experience it has been and continues to be.

Alongside sailing and exploring I have raced boats, built boats and in general am continually developing and refining my skills.

I have taught hundreds of sailors to sail and for those who sail, how to sail more efficiently and in greater safety.

In this life long process I have developed many elements in the boats I sail to maximize efficiency and safety and offer some of these innovations and opportunities here.

Thank you for visiting!