2019 Small Craft Skills Seminar
September 20th-22nd
Port Townsend Washington

Fleet Cruise to Follow
September 23rd-26th

Join a group of like minded sailors for an intensive classroom and on water shared learning experience focusing on small craft handling and skills. This popular experiential learning program is offered again due to popular demand. Over the years since 2011 more than 500 sailors have participated and grown through the Small Craft Skills Seminar program.

So once again we are excited to announce this most unique learning experience expressly for the small boat sailor, whether highly experienced or new to the water. The program will be held in one of Americas great sailing venues, Port Townsend Washington.

Seminar Format and Objective

The format for the three day seminar is half day classroom and half day on the water in boats followed by an optional four day fleet cruise aboard participant boats. We ask that you bring your boat and if you don’t have one no worries, you are still welcome and will have ample opportunity to sail with others. Each day at the conclusion of classroom presentations we will go to the boats and apply as much of what we have discussed in practical use as we rig, launch, test, share sailing and boat handling techniques and more

Experiential Learning and Shared Knowledge

The format for the course is based on shared knowledge and experiential learning. Each participant will be asked to select three topics from a list of fifty small craft related topics. The topics you select will be your first through third choices. We ask that you either have knowledge of the topic or begin learning about it through experience or study. Through the years we have learned that selecting a topic new to you is a great way to go as through preparation you will learn much. Every sailor whether an old salt or a new hand will have the opportunity to be an integral part of the seminar.


At the Seminar you will have up to twenty minutes to present your topic in any manner you wish (lecture, slides, power point, video, etc) followed by fifteen minutes of Q/A about the topic you present. Preparing for the presentation is a great way for you to reinforce your existing knowledge, gain new insights or learn a completely new skill or technique. The Q/A is an amazing shared knowledge experience where every view point is added to your presentation through open discussion. All presentations and notes from Q/A are compiled and sent out to all participants after the seminar.

The Seminar Facilitator

Sailor Howard Rice will facilitate the seminar and will be presenting on two topics as well as helping facilitate the shared knowledge Q/A aspect of the seminar. He will also lead the on water portion of the seminar and the optional fleet cruise. In short the seminar is not an audience listening to an expert instead it is each participant as the experts who collectively share knowledge. This has proven to be extremely valuable, fun and engaging. There is no pressure to perform in any manner. If you prefer not to make a presentation that is completely OK.

The Fleet Cruise
The 2019 fleet cruise is a three night/four day post seminar opportunity in which seminar participants can put into practice what they have learned and to continue the fun. We will depart Port Townsend on Monday morning given favorable conditions. The cruise will be lead by Howard Rice. There will be opportunity to stay aboard boats, camp and even engage with on shore lodging.

Sign up and we will send you Seminar details about this shared experience of teaching and learning together.

The cost of the seminar is $200 with the optional Fleet Cruise at $150.